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Rocky Point Creamery

Serving Allegany, Garrett, Washington Counties in Maryland

Rocky Point Creamery

Rocky Point Creamery

Chuck Fry owns and operates Rocky Point Farm, Inc. in Tuscarora, MD. He and his family have been operating farms all their lives and he is hoping to bring the taste of farm living to the public through an ice cream store he wants to open on his land. The business will be making ice cream and other dairy items from milk and cream from the cattle on the farm. Chuck Fry, along with his wife and son, will operate the ice cream store and plan on hiring part-time employees to help them with the day-to-day operations. The creamery’s slogan, “Ice Cream Fresh from Our Farm”, sends the message that all products our fresh from the family’s farm, and also implies that a friendly family and community atmosphere can be found here.

To make this dream a reality, Chuck Fry contacted the SBDC for help. Alice Growden was the principle contact on this project and helped Chuck analyze financial projections and prepare a business plan. Bryan Smith, Chris Olson, and Colby Ferguson have also assisted Chuck Fry through this business venture. Alice also guided Chuck to determine staff responsibilities and hours of operation for the business. Chuck planned to submit the business plan to Mid Atlantic Farm Credit to get financing for the business. Chuck secured the financing he needed from the bank and was able to begin building the ice cream parlor and finalizing other preparations. The Rocky Point Creamery officially opened for business on November 12, 2011, creating ten local jobs.

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Posted: 02/07/2019