Maryland Small Business Development Center


No-Cost & Low-Cost Training For Maryland Small Businesses

The SBDC offers a comprehensive range of training courses and programs. Our online courses offer an excellent way to work training into your busy schedule when it's most convenient for you. Our face-to-face sessions will not only provide you with invaluable knowledge, but by sharing ideas and issues with entrepreneurs with similar experiences, you will also have the opportunity to establish beneficial professional relationships.

SBDC training programs are designed with you in mind. Most courses are offered in the evening and range in length from two hours to several weeks. They are presented by local business leaders from many professional disciplines to help you develop the planning, management, and financial skills necessary to make your business thrive. By leveraging the resources of professionals in the community, we are able to offer a wide range of high-quality workshops, conferences, seminars, and courses at no cost, or a nominal fee.

New Venture Series Training

Starting a business is a challenging and rewarding undertaking. As you begin your business venture, you need to be prepared with the facts and resources necessary to legally run and successfully compete in your industry.

To help you get started effectively, we have developed two core New Venture Series training workshops that we strongly recommend taking if you are just starting your business. You'll learn how to avoid common pitfalls, explore the feasibility of your idea and increase chances for success.

New Venture Series Courses

  1. Ready, Set, Go!

    First in a series of three workshops. Are you someone who thinks you have a great business idea, but aren't sure if you are ready to start your own business? Our FREE (training class/webinar) shows you what you need to know in order to decide whether business ownership is right for you. Topics include feasibility, financial and loan possibilities, pitfalls to avoid, starting a business plan, and additional training and resources you will need to ensure your business is successful!

  2. Business Plan Development

    Second in a series of three workshops. This workshop introduces you to the many issues you will face in establishing your own business. An attorney will teach you to legally define your business and register your business name. An accountant will teach you how to keep proper financial records and report taxes, and an insurance agent will teach you about the various ways to safeguard your business and personal assets. You will also learn to begin writing your business plan. This workshop is highly recommended for new businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. Increase your chance of success by attending, and smart start your business!

  3. My Business Plan

    Third in a series of three workshops. This class will walk you through the business plan using a mind map, software, or a traditional paper plan. This allows the owner to plan the business in a way he or she can see how parts of the plan interact.