Maryland Small Business Development Center

Technology Commercialization

Technology Support Center

The SBDC's Technology Support Center provides specialized services to researchers, entrepreneurs and firms by assisting them to identify, develop, and commercialize their technologies. This include individuals and firms engaged in engineering, biosciences, information technology, agriculture, and similar high tech areas whether it involves research and development or the innovation of existing technology to be applied in new ways.

Scope of services


One-on-one counseling (at no cost to the client) is available to science and engineering oriented companies engaged in research and development, technology transfer, technology licensing and development as well as companies seeking to pursue SBIR/STTR or other government contracts.


"Going from Mind to Market" targeted to start-up and very early stage companies. It provides information of the stages, the requirement and challenges these companies must undertake. It then provides information, tools and follow-up support to such companies.

Other training workshops/conferences include:

  • Commercialization strategies
  • Business planning for technology entrepreneurs
  • Intellectual property protection and strategies
  • Program and project management skills development
  • Cost and pricing proposal preparation
  • Preparing SBIR proposals

SBIR Support

  • Program overview and suitability counseling
  • Software tools to ensure compliance and competitiveness
  • Counseling in proposal outlining and preparation
  • Proposal review and analysis for compliance and competitiveness
  • Post Phase I follow-up and Phase II preparation support
  • Links to SBIR/STTR agencies resources and schedules

Technology Transfer and Licensing

  • Product and market feasibility studies/investigation
  • Identifying and obtaining suitable technology for transfer or license
  • Strategies for integrating and/or commercializing transferred or licensed technology
  • Business planning to support commercialization

Intellectual Property Protection Support

  • Patent and Trade Mark overview and filing guidance
  • Initial IP counseling by industry attorneys
  • Legal assistance, including entity/organization form
  • Preliminary IP search and guidance legal referrals.

Commercialization / Planning

  • Developing commercialization plans
  • Identifying manufacturing resources
  • Identification of beta test sites preparing
  • Reviewing and analyzing business plans
  • Identifying facilities for company location
  • Developing business models including pricing that supports commercialization
  • Strategic planning sessions with client management teams, review and analysis of financial plans

Alternative Financial Sources

  • Indentifying alternate funding sources
  • Preparing Angel or Venture-Capital Pitch/Presentations
  • General education on Angel/VC financing
  • Service provider referrals (finance, legal, accounting, etc)
  • Coaching on elevator speech development
  • Angel and venture capital referrals
  • Funding proposals and executive summary presentations
  • Market information for various industries
  • Research for market demand and competitive information Developing pricing models for new technology products and services.

Technology Resources

Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) - Brings innovations from universities and federal labs into Maryland's economy by facilitating the transfer of technology to the private sector and by providing emerging technology companies and university researchers vital seed funding and specialized technical assistance.
High Technology Council of Maryland - Information about starting, financing, and expanding a technology-based business within the state of Maryland.