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"build a profitable business that works without the owners to raise capital & ultimately SELL IT."

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Strategic Business Growth to Win More!: ACCELERATOR VIRTUAL LIBRARY (Part 1)

Strategic Business Growth to Win More!: ACCELERATOR VIRTUAL LIBRARY (Part 1) - 50 Hours of Content

  • "Create Systemized Plan to Earn More (61% MORE MONEY Yearly)" with 24/7 Access to Over 50 Hours of Books, Articles, Workbooks, and Videos
  • No Cost (Normal Cost: $75) Powered by U.S. Small Business Administration
  • Description:
    • Create a Money-Making Model in New Economy: Look Beyond the Crises and Open DOORS to Make Money, Increase Profits 61% Year Over Year, Strategic Execution: Getting the MOST Profitable Things Done ("Drive 5 to Earn More"), Your Activities – One-Page Plan to Win More Time and Money ("Strategic Growth Plan"), Leverage Resources to Fund Growth for Profitability and Sustainability (Summary Loan Proposal);
    • Understand 3 Areas: Marketing (Business Development), Operations (Contract Management for Job to be Done), Organizational (Legal, HR, Fiscal); Resources include: Financial Building Blocks; Answer Key Questions to Make Money Despite Crises; Build Effective Processes;
    • AND MORE!

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