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Enso Kitchen

Enso Kitchen

Enso Kitchen sources ingredients locally, SBDC helped make those connections

Rubing has been working with Wynne Briscoe of the Small Business Development Center since February 2017 from the beginning stages of business planning through opening day. We are now focusing on the strategic marketing, growth and expansion of the business.

SBDC Areas of Assistance:

  1. New Business Started
  2. Business Planning and Cash Flow Planning
  3. Permits, Regulations, Governmental Compliance
  4. Strategic Marketing and Target Audience
  5. Bakery Industry Research and Resources
  6. Accounting, Inventory management, Database management
  7. Technology, Software and Hardware Advisement and Support
  8. Human Resources, Merchant and Tenant Documentation
  9. Retail Merchandising, Facility Layout, Products and Services
  10. Stakeholder and Resources
  11. Management Consulting
  12. Growth of Business and Revenue

Rubing connected with the SBDC from an event Wynne Briscoe created called “Small Business Love Day” in February 2017. A collaborative open house style event between the St. Mary’s County Department of Economic Development and her SBDC office to connect with the local community. There he met the other SBDC regional staff to include Bill Hitte from Charles County and Kathy MacAdams from Calvert County.

From the first meeting, Rube had a specific vision for his bakery. To offer the finest ingredients, best quality products and support local farms and agriculture when possible. SBDC Consultants Bill Hitte and Wynne Briscoe reviewed and critiqued his business and marketing plans. Both provided bakery industry resources and information. They also refined his cash flow projections knowing those numbers would determine a large part of the success of his bakery business.

With Rube’s desire to source ingredients locally, Wynne connected him with Donna Sasscer the St. Mary’s County Economic Development Agriculture and Seafood Manager. Donna assisted him with resources for local meats, cheese, fruits, vegetables, etc. Wynne worked hand in hand with Rubing and Mark Morris from the St. Mary’s County Health Department to ensure the needs for his bakery facility according to the menu he desired. Wynne assisted with site location advisement based on her previous experience with assisting bakery startup businesses and what is required. After reviewing a few locations in the Leonardtown area, it was clear that the St. Mary’s City location would be the best fit for his new business. Wynne attended meetings with Rube and the staff at Historic St. Mary’s City to discuss the opportunity to locate the new bakery on the Historic Site inside the existing Farthings Kitchen building. Subsequently there were many months of planning, review, equipment acquisition and slight alternations to the space. During that time Rube worked on perfecting his recipes making his delicious breads, pantries and desserts from scratch. Wynne also assisted with facility layout, equipment use, vendors/distributors/suppliers, cost of goods sold analysis, strategic marketing, menu review and feedback.

Rube hired and trained a good team, many of who are students, making his location ideal at St. Mary’s College. Enso Kitchen officially launched a soft opening October 21, 2018 to a very welcoming and excited crowd. Rube arrives by 3am to prep the bread for baking fresh every day; you can taste the quality and love in every bite. The current hours of operation are Monday - Friday 9am to 3pm or until he sells out, which happens often.

Rube and Wynne worked hand in hand, many times speaking weekly and emailing often. He teases that he’s her “Favorite Client” to which Wynne hysterically laughs, knowing they have ridden the journey his of startup rollercoaster together.

“I’m so excited and proud of Rube at his perseverance. It’s been 2 years since we started the process and so many obstacles along the way. So much work happened behind the scenes. To see all his determination, hard work and passion pay off in the smiles and joy that his delicious freshly baked goodness brings his customers was all worth it!” says Wynne Briscoe, SBDC Consultant.

Enso Kitchen Opens in Historic St. Mary’s City (Newspaper Article)

If you are looking for delicious made fresh daily bread, pastries, sandwiches and catering made from local ingredients then Enso Kitchen is the bakery for you! Contact & Visit Enso Kitchen:

Historic St. Mary’s City, Farthings Kitchen 47414 Old State House Rd, St. Mary’s City, MD 20686

Hours of Operation: Monday- Friday, 9am to 3pm

Business Phone: (301) 503-4270


Posted: 09/12/2019