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BEKÔZ they saw that regular SBDC Business Consultations were key

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BEKÔZ they saw that regular SBDC Business Consultations were key

BEKÔZ they saw that regular SBDC Business Consultations were key

BEKÔZ was created to bring change in the world of marketing by a rather simple but powerful message that speaks to community improvement and social enhancement. This all women team is dedicated to the community they live in, enriching lives around them and supporting the causes that inspire them.

It is apparent when you review their website, they have a mission as a team to extend helping hands to fulfill outreach opportunities that support the accomplishments of their client’s goals while increasing community welfare and building company morale. They are passionate about the causes they connect with and understand the organizations they support are generally community supporters that need a voice, recognition and funding.

The BEKÔZ team is made-up of Glynis Jones, Sheebah Smith and Monique Thornton, a powerful trio of talented women who possess a combined 20+ years of experience in marketing and communications solutions for government, private and nonprofit sector organizations. Although this is a relatively new business, BEKÔZ has wasted no time in fulfilling their mission of being a business that is willing to tackle any challenge; no job is too small or too big as long as it has a cause and mission to reach others.

From the beginning, Glynis and Sheebah recognized that in order to succeed and grow they needed help along the way. One mentor in their toolbox of professional’s is Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Business Consultant, Kathy MacAdams. Meeting virtually with Kathy on a monthly basis to brainstorm, plan and implement strategies has been helpful in growing their business. By recognizing the need to take time out to develop the business with a consultant, BEKÔZ now has a strong business plan, goals and processes. Business growth and expansion are evolving factors therefore SBDC and its resources will remain engaged providing assistance and expertise.


While we may feel like we can initiate marketing activities in our sleep. It was Kathy MacAdams, a consultant with the SBDC, who really made us think outside the box of marketing, and develop as entrepreneurs by helping us consider what we needed to do to move our business forward and grow.

We’ve been in business for almost a year and a half now...and we were fortunate to have a few clients our first year of business, but Kathy helped us brainstorm different avenues for potential clients. She helped us to make sure our processes were in place which assisted in establishing an effective workflow for client intake.

We thought we were doing something because we had a handful of clients but so what, if you can’t maintain them. With her help we developed consistent, efficient, and productive processes that allowed us to sustain relationships, conduct outreach, and generate new leads.

She gave us homework - and made us do things we didn’t want to do Or didn’t even think about doing.

If we didn’t get a contract, we had to figure out why we didn’t get it and then correct it for the next time. She was really our accountability partner, and a great sounding board.

I think that’s what we enjoyed and appreciated the most about working with SBDC, knowing there was someone else in our corner. Knowing there was someone else that wanted to see us succeed. 

For us that mattered, made a difference, and truly created change in the way we operate.

It’s challenging enough to run a business, but to have the support of an organization and partner that wants to help you move your business forward, that is priceless. So, a big Thank You to SBDC!

Glynis and Sheebah 


To learn more about BEKÔZ visit their innovative, interactive and informative web site that shares their quest of “Marketing that Motivates”

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Posted: 11/01/2018