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Construction Focused Business

Are you a Maryland Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Construction Focused Company?

DBE Definition DBE Qualifications

Do you wish to secure government contracts?

Do you wish to obtain more government contracts?

The State Highway Administration (SHA) Business Development Accelerator Program (BDAP) can assist you in doing so by helping you to:

  • Grow and diversify your government customers (local, state and federal)
  • Improve your internal processes and systems to increase business efficiency
  • Increase competitiveness, build stronger capacity, and achieve sustainability

We support your business efforts by committing to:

  • Listen - Personalized business consultation, round table panel solutions, and focus groups
  • Guide - Access to subject matter expertise
  • Partner - Connect your business to viable resources
  • Support - Continuous working relationship to support your goals

Benefits of the Program

  • BDAP provides expert, tailored/customized and personalized business consulting, coaching and guidance:
  • Targeted needs assessment for classroom style training or customized workshops on topics such as management, costing, pricing in the government space. Trainings are based on the needs of the business owner. Indicated training would be paid for by BDAP.
  • Development of a personalized action plan/roadmap based on the business needs assessment. Note: Important to convey the business is in charge - This has to make sense to “the business” based on their goals! There is nothing forced - it is self-directed. The business owner has ownership. BDAP is here to listen to what their needs are, help/guide them, and provide the resources to get them where they want to go. The owner knows their business but may not know the next step.
  • Subject Matter Expertise: A cadre of subject matter experts is available to support the implementation of the plan
  • Software: BDAP provides the tools to remove roadblocks: When needed the program will purchase off the shelf software tools, such as, QuickBooks, estimating/pricing software, CRM systems, inventory and order management systems, and HRIS

How to Enroll

Step 1. To begin the enrollment process, you must first register on the SBDC eCenter "Sign up for counseling".

Sign up for counseling

If you are an existing business and would like to meet with a consultant, let's get started!

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  Next steps  

If you are a current SBDC client, please update your account and add the comment that you wish to enroll in the SHA BDAP.

Log-in located in upper right corner of eCenter

If you are not a current SBDC client, please proceed with the New Client Signup process:

New Client Signup located in left margin of eCenter

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Either status please note in the comment section that you wish to enroll in the SHA BDAP program.

Once you have completed the eCenter account update or new registration, please send a confirmation email to Lesley and Ann along with your capability statement. After you have met with your local SBDC Consultant they will make the referral to the SHA BDAP team, at which point either Lesley or Ann will contact you. Should you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to email or call directly.

Ann Frank, Outreach Coordinator; - 301-539-4688

Lesley Quattlebaum, Project Manager; - 301-539-4687

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State Wide Initiative

Although the SHA BDAP program is supported through the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Southern Maryland's Regional Office which is housed on the College of Southern Maryland’s La Plata Campus, the work and collective objective serve the state of Maryland’s broad reach of business communities.

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If you are planning to start or even thinking of starting this will assess your readiness.

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If you are already in business this assessment will help us determine your needs.

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