Maryland Small Business Development Center

Consulting Assessment

Are you in business now?

The SBDC wants to help you meet the demands of managing a successful business. The Small Business Administration says that an operating business meets at least 3 out of the following criteria:

  • Has a Business License
  • Has made or closed a sale for goods or services
  • Has a Tax number or Employers Identification Number (EIN)
  • Has opened a location (retail site, office, etc.)
  • Has paid (or reported) taxes (i.e. sales tax, income tax, payroll tax)
  • Hired one or more employees or contractual workers
  • Executed a contract for goods or services

If you are an existing business and would like to meet with a consultant, let's get started!


I have an idea for a business. How do I move forward?
I've done a few things, but I'm not in business yet.
I have been in business and want to start a different one.
I have a business but am concerned about the lack of growth.
I have a business but am not making many (or any) sales.
I'm in business but my sales are declining.
Sales are fine, I'm looking to expand.
Sales are fine, I'm looking for specific technical help.