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TENAX Technologies in Harford County: Learn How They Created a Plan to Grow

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TENAX Technologies in Harford County: Learn How They Created a Plan to Grow

TENAX Technologies in Harford County: Learn How They Created a Plan to Grow

Tamera Rush became a client of Al Henry at the Small Business Development Center in February of 2014 as she became interested in purchasing an existing technology company in Harford County. The company was appealing to Tamera because she had a background in technology with the confidence to grow the business and make the acquisition successful. The established company had several 1099 employees and government contracts in place. With the help of Mr. Henry, she knew she could develop a business plan to grow the company.

A few months later, Tamera became the President and CEO of TENAX Technologies with a business plan to take the company to an entire new level. Mr. Henry and Tamera reviewed the former owners plan, and revamped it to meet the new vision. Mr. Henry explained that the business plan can never stay static because the market continuously changes. The two worked together to organize and define the operations of the company, the audience, the competition, and the marketing strategy.

Today, TENAX Technologies describes themselves as the following, “TENAX is a company fostering an environment of creativity, passion, and dedication. We provide professional services for research and development, testing and evaluation, and execution of mission critical projects for government customers.” The mission of TENAX Technologies is, “To be the most sought out company with employees who are committed and technically superior by providing premier engineering and professional services to the DoD.”

With the support of the Small Business Development Center, Tamera landed a $2,250,000 contract with Aberdeen Proving Grounds in October of 2015. Tamera emailed Mr. Henry the following, thanking him for his support,

"When I first met with ASBDC, I didn't understand the 'need' for a Business Plan. I found your guidance invaluable! It's clear that you know business inside and out, especially startups. I find my business plan is continuously evolving and getting better all the time. I'm really glad you were one of my first stops in starting my business. Every time I get the opportunity to talk to a new entrepreneur, I tell people to go talk to the ASBDC first. Your passion for business is such an asset.”

Tamera continues to lead TENAX Technologies in a positive direction as they make new leaps every day. Tamera and Mr. Henry continue to work together because success is something that must be sought after, it does not simply follow.

Posted: 05/30/2017