Maryland Small Business Development Center

Small Business Start-up ToolKit

The Toolkit was developed with recognition that business start-up information in the State of Maryland is hard to come by in a concise and complete package. This packet was compiled to help SBDC clients in the business start-up process, making it more linear and efficient when researching for both Maryland's requirements in the business start-up registration process and for the best resources for business planning.

The toolkit's information and resources do not replace the need for a new business owner or entrepreneur to consult professionals such as an attorney and an accountant when making decisions for their business type and activity. However, it can help you be better informed and able to understand their advice and do some of the steps on your own. The following resources are included:

The Business Beginning Section includes:

  • Maryland recognized business entities
  • Maryland's business registration process
  • Types of certification programs
  • Business tips
  • How to research the Internet
  • Relevant government contact information

The Getting Started Small Business Resource Manual includes:

  • Business self-assessment checklist
  • Finding your niche
  • Business idea feasibility
  • Market analysis worksheet
  • Planning your business checklist
  • Finance info and worksheet
  • Supplementary information

The Getting Started Section includes:

  • Guide to writing your business plan
  • Sample business plan
  • Resource guide for planners

How do I get a Toolkit?

The best way to get a kit is by attending a training conference - Sign up and attend one of our Smart Start Your Business Workshops and receive your toolkit FREE at the workshop!

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