Maryland Small Business Development Center

Minority and Other Specialized Business Sectors

Diversity Increases Innovation

Increasing diversity achieves the benefits of innovation and fresh ideas. People tend to think of diversity as simply demographic, a matter of race, gender or age. However, groups can be disparate in many ways. Diversity also is based on informational differences, reflecting a person's education and experience, and on values or goals that can influence what one perceives. In addition to minorities and women, other diversity groups include mature workers, veterans, welfare recipients, people with disabilities, and gays/lesbians.

The SBDC is committed to embracing and encouraging diversity and inclusion statewide. Following are tools for Minority and Other Specialized business sectors:

I'm Starting A Business

If you are planning to start or even thinking of starting this will assess your readiness.

Smart Start Assessment

I'm A Business Owner

If you are already in business this assessment will help us determine your needs.

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