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CEO Accelerator Coaching

Easy-to-follow advice to

"build a profitable business that works without the owners to raise capital & ultimately SELL IT."

For Questions, contact Russell Teter, Certified Coach,
at or 240-463-8686.

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CEO Accelerator Virtual Library

Coaching for More Time & Money!

Increase Profits 61% in 12 Months & Build Equity of $10 Million+ in 5 Years

Gain knowledge on how to: "Create Systematized Plan for More Money (Modules 1-6), Build Effective Processes for More Time & Build Equity to Sell (Modules A-E), & Make High Impact Presentations: Raise Money, Obtain Customers & Inspire Employees (Module F).

Complete application for FULL scholarship ($0 fee) for selected Maryland firms (Normal Cost: $95). Reduced price thanks to sponsors: Capital One Bank, Chesapeake Employers Insurance, US Small Business Administration, & State of Maryland.

Learn SBDC's Strategic Growth System:

  • Increases profits 61% in 12 months;
  • Works without the owner;
  • Builds equity of $10 Million+ in 5 Years to ultimately SELL IT.

Description of Content in Virtual Library:

  • Working "on" rather than "in" the business, creating dramatic enhancements that will lead to the lifestyle intended;
  • Becoming a catalyst for continuous improvement;
  • Increasing money-making mind-set and financial knowledge;
  • Building a clear and compelling team that is focused on customer needs, strategically aligned to personal goals and financially viable;
  • Instilling a cadence of accountability to execute on and achieve the most critical results;
  • Developing essential systems that drive enduring, measurable results, attract and retain talent, improve work processes, and develop intense customer loyalty;
  • Inspiring employees to work towards the critical priorities and creating an environment where employees want to contribute their best efforts;
  • Creating a strategic collaborative environment among peer business owners to turn challenges into opportunities (collective CEO Think Tank is known as a "Mastermind Group");
  • Communicate with clarity and certainty; Interact with a natural and composed demeanor; Convey complex material directly and simply; Discover ways to project confidence and enthusiasm while building credibility; Explore techniques to overcome adverse situations and invigorate people to embrace change and take action; Dale Carnegie's 2 Day "High Impact Presentation" Training RECEIVE FULL MANUAL!
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