Monitor Beyond Limits Inc.

Monitor Beyond Limits Inc.

Richard (Rich) Jones and Timothy (Tim) Williams became a client of Al Henry and Ryan Del Gallo at the Small Business Development Center in October of 2015 when they dove into the idea of opening a government contracting based logistics company. When it comes to experience, Rich and Tim do not fall short. Rich has over 14 years of experience with top contracting companies such as Northrop Grumman, DS2, URS, and Data Monitor System. Tim is an accomplished and adaptable leader with 25 plus years of service in the United States Army, focused on transitioning managerial and organizational skills to a position guiding operations and training programs.

Mr. Henry and Bonnie Maliszewski of PTAP assisted in reviewing their business plan in a way to prepare the duo for doing business with the government. The updates Rich and Tim made were good, but not up to par in order to obtain financing. Since Rich and Tim needed assistance with finances and technology operations, Mr. Henry called upon Ryan Del Gallo to assist. Mr. Del Gallo enrolled the client on a state-of-the-art business plan software, LivePlan, to streamline the process of building a business plan in a bank-presentable format. Mr. Del Gallo walked Rich and Tim through finding their costs of operation, profit margins, and projections, while assisting them in building a website, marketing materials, and filing their business with the state of Maryland. After all was complete, Rich and Tim made it official by launching Monitor Beyond Limits, Inc. in January of 2016.

When Rich is asked how to describe Monitor Beyond Limits, he responds by saying,

"Monitor Beyond Limits, Inc. (MBL) is a minority owned small business that focuses on integrity, quality, and accountability. MBL works with our customers as outsourced logistics partners to help manage, process, and distribute products/service for significantly less than our competitors. We take great pride on our experienced and talented team to get the job done."

After only four months of working hand-in-hand with Mr. Henry and Mr. Del Gallo, Rich and Tim went from being best friends to business partners, bidding on their first government contract, and going through the processes of becoming an 8a certified small business with the Small Business Administration (SBA). When Rich sends a progress message to Mr. Del Gallo, it always ends with, "Thank you so much for assisting us in our future business venture, we definitely appreciate it."

Posted: 08/04/2017