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LNH Enterprises

LNH Enterprises

Henry and Nancy Maier own a for-profit wind operation in Oldtown, Maryland. They sought the help of SBDC on June 23, 2010, needing assistance in filing an application for a federal grant to help their small business. Sandy Mehalko and Mark Malec were the primary SBDC consultants to help Henry and Nancy. Sandy and Mark helped to review the application process and guide Henry and Nancy as to what documentation and information needed to be gathered to submit along with the application. Sandy worked to fill out the application and assemble the materials. There were several meetings between the SBDC consultants and Henry and Nancy throughout this process.

With the help of SBDC, Henry and Nancy successfully received the grant and were able to utilize the funds to bring their business to the next level. They received a federal and state grant to be used for the construction of a wind turbine for use in the business. Regarding the help they received from Sandy and Mark, Henry and Nancy said “LNH Enterprises, LLC was so well assisted by your staff members, Mark Malec and Sandy Mehalko. They did in a professional manner more than could be done in the short window of time we had…We look forward to continuing and building our relationship with them and SBDC to better position our small emerging business and allow it to grow and contribute to both the community and economy”.

Posted: 02/07/2019

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