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Prompt Occupational Health Care

Here is what Mrs. Belinda had to say about her experience with the SBDC. “Mr. Del Gallo along with Al Henry were instrumental in helping me with my business plan and connecting me to a bank. They were eager to help a small business, like mine. The support and guidance I received forming the vision for Prompt Occupational Healthcare made the loan process bearable.”

Vegun Nutrition

Derrell Lee and John Pace are U.S. Military Veterans who graduated from Harford Community College. They are two passionate entrepreneurs with a passion for healthy living and fitness. They came up with a revolutionary idea that they knew would be a success. However, before pursuing this venture head-first, they sought advice on how to properly format their business and construct a business plan to enable them to receive the financing needed.

Monitor Beyond Limits Inc.

Richard (Rich) Jones and Timothy (Tim) Williams became a client of Al Henry and Ryan Del Gallo at the Small Business Development Center in October of 2015 when they dove into the idea of opening a government contracting based logistics company. When it comes to experience, Rich and Tim do not fall short. Rich has over 14 years of experience with top contracting companies such as Northrop Grumman, DS2, URS, and Data Monitor System. Tim is an accomplished and adaptable leader with 25 plus years of service in the United States Army, focused on transitioning managerial and organizational skills to a position guiding operations and training programs.

Douglas Security Technologies

Randy Douglas, the founder of Douglas Security Technologies LLC, is an inventor from Aberdeen, MD who contacted the Northern Region of Maryland SBDC with the hopes of bringing his patented mobile technology to market. With the help of SBDC counselors and an SBDC event, Douglas is closer to his dream than he ever expected.


When Regina “Gina” Della’s brother, Rich, was struck head-on by a drunk driver in 2002, he was placed in a coma and deemed paralyzed. Although doctors recommended cutting off life-support, Gina refused to give up. Gina spent months researching and investigating recovery methods. Against all odds and with family support, Rich miraculously recovered due to a unique device called Quadriciser and intense one-on-one therapeutic exercises that Gina was able to utilize for her brother. After being an eye witness to her brother’s advances, Gina desired to bring the benefits of the Quadriciser and therapeutic rehabilitation to others who have been suffering from severe physical disabilities. The Quadriciser creates a cross-crawl pattern using all four limbs which results in stimulation of the brain and muscle function.

Galvinell Meat Company

Jennifer and Dan McGrath are the owners of Galvinell Meat Company which has been a staple in the Cecil County, MD community since it was founded in 1967. When the SBDC was called into Galvinell’s in early 2015, owners Jennifer and Dan were feeling overwhelmed with the mounds of work to be done and workplace organization. Being an old school butcher shop today is more difficult than what one may think: competition, diet fads, and rising cost of goods is something that affects their business every day.

TENAX Technologies

Tamera Rush became a client of Al Henry at the Small Business Development Center in February of 2014 as she became interested in purchasing an existing technology company in Harford County. The company was appealing to Tamera because she had a background in technology with the confidence to grow the business and make the acquisition successful. The established company had several 1099 employees and government contracts in place. With the help of Mr. Henry, she knew she could develop a business plan to grow the company.

Edel’s Bridal Boutique

Edel became a client of Al Henry at the Small Business Development Center in August of 2014 with the vision of purchasing a bridal shop. After weeks of going through the processes of investigating an established business and working closely with Mr. Henry, it was determined that the business in question was not financially stable. Thankfully, Edel was able to move on and changed her business plan to opening her own bridal boutique from the ground up.

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