Maryland Small Business Development Center

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

As a premier, well recognized part of Maryland's entrepreneurial ecosystem, we will empower current and aspiring business owners by providing them compassionate, informed, objective, and professional consulting and training; and by connecting them with others throughout our state who can intelligently move their dreams to reality, resulting in successful businesses and greater state and local economic growth.

Our Vision

The Maryland Small Business Development Center will create a more vibrant, prosperous Maryland.

Our Goals

Provide proven, trustworthy advice

  • Expand the delivery and marketing of our consulting and training services, paying attention to people and communities where we can make a positive impact.

Grow our markets

  • Develop pipelines for financial deals, growth clients, and high impact start-ups
  • Nurture businesses within strategically targeted growing and emerging industries

Build economically vibrant communities

  • Create meaningful new partnerships with relevant stakeholders and leverage those relationships to provide better client service.
  • Assist entrepreneurs in starting and growing businesses.

Continuously Improve

  • Advance as a well-managed, functionally integrated, programmatically and administratively compliant statewide organization.
  • Increase sources of additional organizational funding.
  • Don't stop thinking about tomorrow.

I'm Starting A Business

If you are planning to start, or even thinking of starting, this will assess your readiness.

Smart Start Assessment

I'm A Business Owner

If you are already in business, this assessment will help us determine your needs.

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